HustleHardUSA SHOGUN HUSTLER Custom Sneaker
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HustleHardUSA SHOGUN HUSTLER Custom Sneaker

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The HustleHardUSA SHOGUN HUSTLER Custom Leather Sneaker (Part of the SAMURAI HUSTLER Collection) consists of:  White Suede Leather, White Python Leather print...a White rubber sole, stitched to the leather upper in RED nylon.  HAND CRAFTED IN ITALY!

The leather sneaker is extremely comfortable...soft and durable!  The sole is thick and supple providing excellent traction on the court and street.

Please allow approximately 3 weeks for production and delivery of your personal and hand-crafted custom sneakers!

*******IMPORTANT SIZING NOTICE!!!!!  (ATTENTION MEN)  Sizes run larger than normal!  When ordering shoes, order 1 WHOLE SIZE SMALLER!  This will allow some toe wiggle space.  IF YOU PREFER AN EXACT FIT, Order ONE AND A HALF times SMALLER!


Shoes ARE RETURNABLE if your shoes were not ordered as a proper fit, however shoes should not be worn if you intend to return them.  Please try your shoes on INDOORS FIRST, and on a clean surface to make sure the fit is correct.  Once shoes are worn just one time, they will not be accepted as a return.

If you are not happy with the sneakers you order, we will take them back (without scratches, tears, etc).

For any other concerns or questions please contact CASANOVA DESIGN USA at:

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